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George Clinton (2018)

George Edward Clinton is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer. His band Parliament-Funkadelic developed a form of funk music during the 1970s and early 1980s that he termed P-Funk. He launched a solo career in 1981.

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About the George Clinton Interview

George Clinton will be answering your questions here on January 15 from 2pm - 4:00pm EST.

FRESH new single: I'm Gon Make You Sick feat. Scarface


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*George has a Redditor on his team. He'll be talking, and she'll be typing!


PROOF: https://twitter.com/george_clinton/status/951138347723849729

EDIT: Thanks so much everyone. George had a great time reading and answering your questions. Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!

George Clinton Jan 15, 2018