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Johnny Brennan (2017)

John Gerard "Johnny" Brennan is an American actor, film writer, and voice actor. Johnny Brennan is the creator of the Jerky Boys.

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About the Johnny Brennan Interview

What's up, rubbernecks?! I am the guy behind Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tors, Rosine, Big Ol' Bad-Ass Bob the Cattle Rustler, and others from the various Jerky Boys albums. Seth MacFarlane is a huge Jerky Boys fan and so he hired me as Mort on Family Guy 18 years ago! So ask me about either of those things if you like.

I am not really promoting anything new or whatever. Though I do have a Facebook page and would appreciate a few "likes" as the kids say: https://www.facebook.com/jerkyboysjohnny

Or if you have two nickels to rub together I do have some "Frank's Pickle Barrel-Ass of Maspeth", "Rizzo's Auto Repair", and "Sol's Glasses of NY" "business" t-shirts for sale, as well as other trinkets and ligaments and filaments if you like. It would be great and would afford me a nice bottle of hooch to loosen up my thinker. Anyway they are available here: http://the-jerky-boys-store.myshopify.com/

I figured the most common question I would be asked would be "why haven't you made a new prank call in ages?" and I figured I would get that one out of the way: I was royally screwed by the record industry and literally had to sue to get tiny dribs and drabs of what I was actually owed. I basically stopped wanted to work for free, so there you go. Classic story of the record biz.

Anyway, here's the proof: https://www.facebook.com/jerkyboysjohnny/posts/1306279616137560

Anyway this is my AMA!


edit: oh sh*t, someone just hit my car. I'll be back at 2 PM EST to answer more questions so keep them coming!

edit 2: OK I'm back! I'll be here for hours!

edit 3: almost 24 hours later and I am still doing this but this doesn't really seem to be taking off, so I will answer questions until it's of the front page of r/ama

Johnny Brennan Jun 28, 2017