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Chris Sullivan (2017)

Chris Sullivan is an American actor and musician. He became widely known for his portrayal of Tom Cleary on the Cinemax drama The Knick. He currently stars as Toby on the NBC drama This Is Us.

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About the Chris Sullivan Interview


New Film - The Orbit Of Minor Satellites

First Feature Film - Consuming Spirits

About the Film

The Orbit of Minor Satellites is a story of two very distinct and separate worlds that are connected by the most unlikely threads. The character Derwood Richards is a controversial psychiatrist who treats Rosemary Hamm at his private sanitarium.

Rosemary has created an imaginery world of a space station located on one of the Moons of Saturn, in a forgotten corner of the solar system. She conjures a romance between a doomed astronaut and a cosmonaut that mirrors her difficult earthbound existence.

Our talking bison is the moon's only native inhabitant, a sulferdioxide breathing giant who yearns for lost loves.

The Orbit of Minor Satellites is a hand drawn 2-D feature animation, independently produced by Chris Sullivan and his battalion of animators.

The film is hand drawn, digitally composited over painted backgrounds, models, and live action actors. As with all of my films, it is strange in form and content, my characters are misguided, but follow their strange paths to a place of peace, and empathy.

CHRIS SULLIVAN is the creator, writer, director, lead animator, and sound design. His previous animated films include Master of Ceremonies, Landscape with The Fall of Icarus, and Consuming Spirits.

"The Orbit of Minor Satellites is my new digital 2-D animated feature film, which takes you to the richly imagined world inside the mind of a troubled sanitarium inmate.

It’s a dark story about love in a time of darkness, shot starkly in black and white to better convey the dislocation of my main characters, the psychiatric patient and the doctor who treats her, and the imagined inhabitants of a forgotten Cold War space station on a moon of Saturn.

I’m thrilled to share with you that Sara Karloff, the daughter of my personal film hero Boris Karloff, has given me permission to use clips from her father’s radio performances for the voice of another major character in the film, a 100-foot-tall talking bison named Roger Ashley Norton.

"The Orbit of Minor Satellites" is a film that has been brewing for many years, and first came together thanks to a Creative Capital Grant. I’ve focused over the past two years on writing, preproduction, experimentation, and animating labor, bringing together an incredible creative team who will work with me to complete the film over the next two years.

If I'm able to raise the necessary funds, I'll complete "The Orbit of Minor Satellites” by late summer of 2019, entering it first in major live action festivals and then in animation festivals. It will be theatrically released in early 2020.

This is my second major animated feature film. Consuming Spirits, which was funded with a Rockefeller Foundation Film Fellowship and a fellowship from The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, was completed and released in 2012."

A.O. Scott, in a 2012 review in The New York Times, called it “remarkable” and said it "is a work of obsessive artisanal discipline and unfettered artistic vision. You have never seen anything like it… Mr. Sullivan’s pictorial wit and storytelling brio are delightful in ways that cut against the harshness of the story without blunting its deep ache."

Tasha Robinson, The Onion AV club: "Watching Consuming Spirits is like surrendering to hypnosis, or to a particularly haunting dream"..."Consuming Spirits has hidden depths"

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Chris Sullivan Jun 27, 2017