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Bob Garfield (2017)

Bob Garfield is an American journalist and commentator. He is a co-host of On the Media from WNYC, alongside Brooke Gladstone. He is also the host of The Genius Dialogues from Audible.

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About the Bob Garfield Interview

Hi Reddit, I'm Bob Garfield. You might know me from WNYC's Peabody Award winning 'On The Media' which I've hosted with Brooke Gladstone for nearly 17 years. I've interviewed figures as varied as Ben Bradlee and Glenn Beck, Judith Miller and Alec Baldwin, Ted Kennedy and Julian Assange. Some of them were happier when they walked in than when they left.

Over 40 years in journalism, I've done something in the ballpark of 2500 columns, scores of magazine articles and newspaper op-eds, hundreds of feature pieces and commentaries for All Things Considered and five NYT Worst-Selling books. Also lots of TV gigs, and hundreds of lectures in 43 countries on six continents. I'm also the author and founder of the Media Future Summit at Wharton. I throw right, bat right.

But here's the thing: For the past year, I've been interviewing and exploring the lives of more than a dozen MacArthur "Genius" fellows, those people you read about who get a windfall out of the blue as reward for their good work in science, education, the arts, the environment, and so on. Earlier this month, with the help of Audible, I released 12 of these conversations in the form of a show called The Genius Dialogues, which can be found here. Guests include David Simon, Jad Abumrad, Elizabeth Streb, Sarah Stillman, and Carl Haber, among others.

The general idea I've been able to pull from these conversations is that these people mainly got to where they are thanks to random events, failures, hard work, self sacrifice and generalized dedication to the common good. Nothing was pre-ordained -- unless you go back to their childhoods and seek evidence of foreshadowing, whereupon everything seems preordained. It's kind of uncanny.

So, AMA.

It's a genius idea. Be there or be square.

Proof: here

Hey, Redditers. Thanks for your attention. If you have more questions, send them along and I'll periodically check out the inbox over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, check out The Genius Dialogues. Just bear in mind: it only takes one party in the dialogue to be a genius for that title not to be false advertising.

Bob Garfield May 22, 2017