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Tyler Cowen (2017)

Tyler Cowen is an American economist, philosopher, and writer, who is a professor at George Mason University, where he holds the Holbert C. Harris Chair of economics. He hosts a popular economics blog, Marginal Revolution, together with his co-author, Alex Tabarrok. Cowen and Tabarrok have also started the website Marginal Revolution University, a venture in online education.

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About the Tyler Cowen Interview

Have to run now people, thanks for your participation, but I am due to record a podcast at Bloomberg! Has been lots of fun, if you have further questions try emailing me in the future...

I am an economist, online education entrepreneur, podcast host, blogger, ethnic food expert, author of many books, general director of the Mercatus Center at Goerge Mason University, and contributor to Bloomberg. My new book, The Complacent Class, challenges the idea that America is still at the forefront of innovation and advancement. Back in the mid-20th century, we envisioned a future of flying cars, cities in space, and time travel. Today, we've seen progress in communication technology but a slowdown in other areas like infrastructure, jobs, healthcare, and income inequality. Instead, Americans are moving less, starting fewer businesses, using technology to self-segregate, and are working harder than ever to avoid change. I welcome questions on the ideas in my book, but you can ask me about any of my interests.

Proof: https://twitter.com/tylercowen/status/837770428995239938

Tyler Cowen Mar 06, 2017