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Bird (2017)

Tracy Lynn Van Adams, better known by her childhood nickname "Bird", is a fictional character from the Showtime television series Soul Food. The character first appeared in the 1997 film Soul Food as Robyn Joseph, and was portrayed by Nia Long.

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About the Bird Interview

Hey Reddit, I am Tracy Van Houten, an aerospace engineer who has designed missions to Earth orbit, the surface of Mars, and Europa. I love my job as a Rocket Scientist, but for years I've been feeling gravity pull me towards life as a public servant, I would become the first ever woman engineer in Congress. This is my first campaign, and my first AMA, so I'm just as excited as all of you about the opportunity to engage with the community.

I am running for Congress in the California 34th district, including Downtown LA, Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, and other neighborhoods. The special election primary is April 4th.

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Proof: http://imgur.com/a/d5TDE
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Bird Mar 10, 2017