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My Chinese Coach (2017)

My Chinese Coach is a video game for the Nintendo DS and iOS developed by Sensory Sweep Studios and published by Ubisoft. As an installment of the My Coach series, the game teaches Mandarin Chinese through a series of lessons and games.

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About the My Chinese Coach Interview

Short bio: My grandfather was born in 1938 in Dalian, which was a coastal city in China that was subjected to heavy Japanese and Russian influence throughout the early 20th century. As a result, my grandfather learnt to speak both Japanese and Russian (though not as fluent as his Chinese).
During WW2, Dalian was under Japanese occupation. My grandfather claims he remembers Japanese officers living in Dalian along with the families they brought.

In August of 1955, he went into the PLA military academy at the age of 17. He graduated in 1958, February. He claims that he had to study 18 courses. Apparently, he became an artillery officer.

He finally retired in the 1990s (not too sure when). He is now living a relatively comfortable life in China. I am currently visiting my relatives in China right now and I have told him about the AMA. Due to his declining heath conditions over the years, he has agreed to pass down some knowledge regarding his life and his service in the hopes that he could teach the younger generations not to take their lives for granted.

I will be the one doing the translating, so ask away!

My Proof:

My Chinese Coach Jan 11, 2017