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Michael Stevens (2017)

Michael Stevens is an American educator, comedian, editor, and Internet personality, best known for creating and hosting the popular YouTube channel Vsauce.

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About the Michael Stevens Interview

Hello Reddit! I am Michael Stevens, creator of Vsauce and host of Vsauce1, a YouTube channel where I make videos that dive into whatever topic has most recently excited or confused me and share some of the awesomest things people have said, done, found, forgotten, or seen. I'm about to go on tour with Adam Savage, have a new show on YouTube Red, a subscription box full of my favorite experiments and brain-tickling toys, and am currently really in love with circles. Since I love questions and answering them, AMA!

MY PROOF: https://twitter.com/tweetsauce/status/824740150726909952

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~~EDIT: I'm going to go home for dinner now but I'll be back in a few hours (around 9pm PST Jan 26) to keep answering. So keep asking! Thanks for all your questions so far. Thanks for supporting educational videos. And as always, thanks for watching! See you all back here soon!!~~

~~I'm back! Answering more now!~~

~~OK! Getting ready for bed now. I'll check again in the morning and answer a few more! THANK YOU for your time and for all your great questions. Thanks for supporting educational videos! And as always, thanks for watching.~~

~~I'm back for one more round! AMA!~~

Okay, I'm actually finished now. Got to get back to work on my next episode! I really appreciate all of your questions. Thanks again for your support and for being curious and thoughtful. And as always, thanks for watching.

Michael Stevens Jan 26, 2017