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Newcastle University (2016)

Newcastle University is a public research university located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North-East of England. The university can trace its origins to a School of Medicine and Surgery, established in 1834, and to the College of Physical Science, founded in 1871.

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About the Newcastle University Interview

I am regularly a national media spokesperson on ‘Sunburnt DNA,’ DNA damage, skin ageing and skin cancer. My research on sun awareness is recognised worldwide, and he has regularly and extensively contributed to the national education of sun-awareness using the popular media.

Earlier this year, we discovered that the ‘mitochondrial complex II’ enzyme – which helps to keep skin smooth and supple – stops working properly as people grow older. From this discovery, scientists will be able to create new treatments and cosmetics which increase the activity of the enzyme and restore skin vitality.


Colleagues from the Press Office will be helping me type the answers for the next hour.

Proof 1 http://imgur.com/Unque4m
Proof 2 https://twitter.com/UniofNewcastle/status/747814319631409157
Proof 3 http://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/news/2016/07/profmarkbirch-machinskinageing/

Thank you very much for your questions - we're wrapping up and will answer the questions we've already got. I’m pleased how people felt free to ask anything. No question is off limit. I’ve really enjoyed it!

Newcastle University Jul 01, 2016