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Veronica Belmont (2016)

Veronica Ann Belmont is an online media personality. She was formerly the co-host of the Revision3 show Tekzilla alongside Patrick Norton. Veronica was the co-host of the former TWiT.tv gaming show Game On! along with Brian Brushwood, and the former host of the monthly PlayStation 3-based video on demand program Qore.

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About the Veronica Belmont Interview

Hello everyone! I'm Veronica, and throughout the years I've been a science and technology video host and podcaster for a number of different online and TV channels. This summer I’m featured on Science Channel’s new series, HOW TO BUILD…EVERYTHING premiering on Wednesday, June 22 at 10PM. Ask Me Anything!

I'll be tweeting out this link when it goes live for proof and updating this intro shortly.

Update: Tweet posted!

Update: Be back in an hour, have to record Sword & Laser!

Veronica Belmont Jun 21, 2016