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Ryan North (2016)

Ryan M. North is a Canadian writer, computer programmer, and occasional songwriter who is the creator and author of Dinosaur Comics, and co-creator of Whispered Apologies and Happy Dog the Happy Dog.

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About the Ryan North Interview

Hi I'm Ryan! You might know me from (IN ROUGHLY CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER):

  • writing Dinosaur Comics (13 years with the same pictures!)
  • writing the first 35 issues of the Adventure Time Comics (they won Eisner and Harvey awards!) (those are a big deal in comics, honest)
  • co-editing the Machine of Death anthologies (it became the #1 bestselling book on Amazon.com the day it launched and then Glenn Beck (remember him?) got mad at us)
    *reviewing the crazy Back to the Future novelization after the author was stung to death by bees
  • writing The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel (no link; sadly you gotta buy those to read them, Stan Lee gots to get paid)
  • turning Shakespeare into an illustrated choosable-path adventure with To Be or Not To Be (the #1 most-funded publishing project on Kickstarter when it finished)
  • and most recently, Romeo and/or Juliet which comes out today and which you should check out because PERSONALLY, I think it's PRETTY OKAY.

Also as promised here's that time I messed up walking my dog so badly that it was reported on in the international press and now sometimes when you search "ryan north" it autocompletes with "hole". HERE'S PICTURES OF MY DOG

My Proof: Twitter

AMA! Let's talk about writing, or comics, or non-linear second-person narratives, or dogs, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. anything, really, hence this subreddit

UPDATE: it's been two hours and I've answered EVERY QUESTION. I'ma go get some fried chicken parts and answer whatever are new ones show up when I get back. Thank you all for the fun questions!!

UPDATE 2: the fried chicken parts were delicious and now I've answered all the questions again! Thank you everyone <3

Ryan North Jun 07, 2016