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Michael Konik (2016)

Michael Konik is an American author, television personality, jazz singer, improvisational comedian, blackjack player and poker player. Konik has a degree in Drama from New York University. Konik currently resides in Hollywood, California.

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About the Michael Konik Interview

It's been more than 30 years now, three decades of dabbling in everything. I've published 10 books, recorded and produced jazz albums, performed improvisational comedy at Second City Los Angeles, and travelled Europe with my dog Ella for a book and Animal Planet show. Before that, I founded the 80's hardcore punk band The Clitboys. I've provided commentary for numerous FoxSports poker broadcasts and hosted a weekly jazz show in Hollywood with my Tasty Band. I’ve been on Jeopardy, and I was a phone-a-friend life-line on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (and gave the wrong answer). I come from Wisconsin, and I don't eat cheese.

For 10 years I wrote the golf column for Delta SKY magazine, and for 5 years I was the original gambling columnist at Cigar Aficionado.

My first book was a collection of short gambling stories that the Wall Street Journal considers of the Five Best Gambling Books of All Time, “The Man with the $100,000 Breasts” (1999).

My current novel “The Termite Squad” is about America's secret political assassination program, transforming hospice-bound elderly women into suicide bombers. Today, I'm making the e-copy available to anyone on reddit today for just $4.

My novel Year 14 won the Barrelhouse Prize and will be published in 2017.

More about me on my website at http://www.michaelkonik.com

Ask me anything about gambling, golf, travel, dogs, marijuana, social justice, jazz, nature, progressive politics, poetry, sports, yoga, zen -- and everything in between.

Just remember, Billie the Dog ain’t talking. At least not in English.

My Proof: http://imgur.com/z7S6lNZ

Michael Konik Dec 17, 2016