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Michael Shellenberger (2016)

Michael Shellenberger is an American author, environmental policy expert, and cofounder of Breakthrough Institute. He was named a Time magazine Heroes of the Environment, winner of the 2008 Green Book Award, co-editor of Love Your Monsters and co-author of Break Through and The Death of Environmentalism.

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About the Michael Shellenberger Interview

Thanks everyone! I have to go but I'll be back answering questions later tonight!


My bio: Hey Reddit!

You may recognize me from my [TED talk that hit the front page of reddit yesterday]


If not -- then possibly

*The 2013 Documentary Pandora's Promise

*My Essay, "Death of Environmentalism"

*Appearing on the Colbert Report

*Debating Ralph Nader on CNN "Crossfire"

Why I'm doing this: Only nuclear power can lift all humans out of poverty and save the world from dangerous levels of climate change, and yet's it's in precipitous decline due to decades of anti-nuclear fear mongering.


Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/aFigL (Yeah, sorry, no "Harambe for Nuclear" Rwanda t-shirt today.)

Michael Shellenberger Oct 13, 2016