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Gene Luen Yang (2016)

Gene Luen Yang is an Asian-American cartoonist. He is a frequent lecturer on the subjects of graphic novels and comics, at comic book conventions and universities, schools, and libraries.

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About the Gene Luen Yang Interview

About me:

Hey reddit, I’m Gene Yang, a graphic novelist and cartoonist, and my work aims to explore present-day and historical events through a contemporary Chinese American lens. I wrote most of my work while working as a high school computer science teacher, and that’s where I realized the value of comics as an instructional tool!

I’ve written American-Born Chinese (2006), which incorporates elements of American comics, Chinese folklore, and the Chinese immigrant experience to tell the story of an adolescent Jin Wang as he navigates his bicultural identity and tries to assimilate in America. In Boxers and Saints, which I wrote in 2011, I told a story of the peasant uprising against Western influences in China in 1900. Right now I’m working on a series of graphic novels, Secret Coders (2015­), that uses mysteries to engage kids in computer science. And I’m of course working on DC Comics' New Super-Man series, which is about a young Chinese superhero named Kong Kenan.

When I was named a 2016 MacArthur Fellow a few weeks ago, the MacArthur Foundation said that I am "leading the way in bringing diverse characters to children’s and young adult literature and confirming comics’ place as an important creative and imaginative force within literature and art.”

I'll be on at 2:30 ET, but go ahead and AMA!


I'm on right now! AMA.


That's it for me today, I've gotta run and go grab lunch with my mom. But this was great, and I hope to be back on soon. Thanks everyone for your awesome questions!



Gene Luen Yang Oct 17, 2016