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Steve Young (2016)

Steve Young is an American country music singer, songwriter and guitarist, known for his song "Seven Bridges Road". He is a pioneer of the country rock, Americana, and alternative country sounds, and also a vital force behind the 'outlaw movement' that gave support to the careers of Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Jr. and more. Young was also featured in the 1975 Outlaw Country documentary Heartworn Highways. He is the subject of the song "The All Golden" by Van Dyke Parks.

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About the Steve Young Interview

Hi! I’m Steve Young, the founder and inventor of the world’s first countertop consumer beer dispenser for craft beers, SYNEK. I quit my job as a retail stock analyst because I believed in a vision - that craftsmanship deserves to be shared, and craft beer is a great place to start!

SYNEK launched through Kickstarter in July 2014 and raised $650,000. We fulfilled our product orders over the Summer/Fall of 2015 -- something very few hard-manufactured products can claim. Like most Kickstarters, we had a rough start but survived and are now making big changes in the Craft Beer Industry!

I’m hoping our backers and customers will let me have it. I want to talk with complete transparency about the trials and difficulties, setbacks and victories, and where we’re headed next! Plus some deep dark secrets. My favorite color is red and my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Let’s get started!


My Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/2WnUh2V/new

Steve Young Jan 14, 2016