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Vinnie Fiorello (2015)

Vinnie Fiorello is an American drummer, lyricist and a founding member of the ska punk band Less Than Jake. As a child, Fiorello's family owned a dog named Jake who was "treated like a king" according to the band's website FAQ page. As a result, everything in the house became "Less Than Jake", spawning the band's name. Fiorello is known to be a collector of Pez dispensers, as is his Less Than Jake bandmate Roger Manganelli. Fiorello grew up in New Jersey but moved to Gainesville, Florida at the age of 16. As a result, almost every Less Than Jake album has a reference to New Jersey. Though his drumming style does not reflect it, Fiorello was influenced by Dave Lombardo of Slayer. It was his idea to record two Slayer cover versions and to release a 7". These two songs are found on the rarities collection Goodbye Blue and White. As the lyricist, Fiorello is generally regarded as the symbolic frontman for the band, despite being the drummer, and is usually the subject of any interviews with the band as it was he and Chris Demakes, the band's guitarist, who founded the band at the University of Florida in 1992.

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About the Vinnie Fiorello Interview

Hey guys, Vinnie with Less Than Jake here! You can find me on Twitter at @LessThanVinnie, and the band at @LessThanJake. Instagram is @fiorellovinnie and the band is @LessThanJake there, too. Make sure to check us out!

I'm here with /u/courtiebabe420, live from Riot Fest Chicago, and I'm ready to get started. So, Ask Me Anything!


EDIT: Alright guys - that's it. I've gotta prepare for our show in a bit! Thanks for hanging out, and don't forget to check us out online!

Vinnie Fiorello Sep 13, 2015