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Barry Schwartz (2015)

Barry Schwartz is an American psychologist. Schwartz is the Dorwin Cartwright Professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College. He frequently publishes editorials in the New York Times applying his research in psychology to current events. He became a speaker and presented a speech on TED Virtue & Practical Wisdom Conference in 2009.

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About the Barry Schwartz Interview

I'm Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, specializing in decision-making and motivation. My new book, [Why We Work] (http://books.simonandschuster.com/Why-We-Work/Barry-Schwartz/TED-Books/9781476784861), has just been published. It answers the simple question: what motivates us to work? In 2004, I published [The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less] (http://www.amazon.com/The-Paradox-Choice-More-Less/dp/149151423X). I have published articles about wisdom, decision-making and motivation in sources as diverse as The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Scientific American, and the Harvard Business Review. I have appeared on dozens of radio shows, including NPR’s Morning Edition, and Talk of the Nation, and have been interviewed on the Lehrer News Hour (PBS), The Colbert Report, and CBS Sunday Morning. I have also written [Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing] (http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Wisdom-The-Right-Thing-ebook/dp/B004G8Q1MS), with colleague Ken Sharpe. I spoke about the [paradox of choice] (http://www.ted.com/talks/barry_schwartz_on_the_paradox_of_choice?language=en) at TED in 2005 (a talk viewed by more than 8 million people), and about [practical wisdom] (http://www.ted.com/talks/barry_schwartz_using_our_practical_wisdom?language=en) at TED in 2009 (viewed by more than 2 million). Ask me anything.

Thanks for your great questions! Take a look at my new book and my TED videos for more information!

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/barry.schwartz.1272/posts/10156051794780252?pnref=story

Barry Schwartz Sep 08, 2015