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Rod Roddenberry (2015)

Eugene Wesley "Rod" Roddenberry Jr. is an American television producer, and the chief executive officer of Roddenberry Entertainment.

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About the Rod Roddenberry Interview

Hi reddit! UPDATED: Thanks so much friends... this was a ton of fun. Great Questions! I'm really glad to have hopped on here. I'm out for now - but will continue to read questions and update responses over the next few days. Thanks so much. LLAP friends. - Rod

This is Rod Roddenberry here to answer your questions. I’m the son of legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. (Did you know next year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek?) You can find me on twitter @RodRoddenberry.

I just released a brand new 360 degree film experience called White Room: 02B3 that you can download and watch on your mobile device! You can find it here (http://www.whiteroom02b3.com/) or you can download it from the app store!

I'll start answering questions today at 1p PT/4pm ET - Ask Away!

Updated with PROOF: https://twitter.com/RodRoddenberry/status/638441866615099393

Rod Roddenberry Aug 31, 2015