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Michael Dowd (2015)

Michael Dowd is an American Progressive Christian minister, author, and eco-theologian known as an advocate of Big History, Religious Naturalism, and the Epic of Evolution. His evangelizing to some 1,800 audiences starting in April 2002 provided material for Thank God for Evolution in 2008. This book is noteworthy for its breadth and depth of endorsements; it includes six Nobel Prize-winning scientists. On April 2, 2009, Dowd at the United Nations addressed the lack of an evolutionary worldview which he maintains has resulted in a global integrity crisis. Overcoming this crisis, he says, requires a deep-time view of human nature, values and social systems. He maintains a Christian perspective and accepts the theory of evolution. Dowd expanded his outreach program with the founding of EvolutionaryChristianity.com in 2010. Thirty-eight religious leaders from diverse backgrounds joined him in an audio seminar introduction.

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About the Michael Dowd Interview

If you're not familiar, my name is Michael Dowd, former NYPD officer turned "New York's most corrupt cop." My life has come full circle after a successful documentary, The (Precinct) Seven Five, and I am currently speaking on the past as well as the current climate of policing, and even working with the NYPD again.

You can find out about me and a link to the documentary on http://www.themikedowd.com

Also Facebook, twitter, instagram on TheMikeDowd

The documentary is currently in the process of being turned into a major motion picture and I am currently working on a book.

Documentary: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4136056/


More Proof: https://twitter.com/TheMikeDowd/status/630863553717628928

Thanks everybody for coming out. I appreciate your time and hope that I was able to answer many of your questions. If you haven't seen the documentary, it is coming out in the UK on Friday, and back on DVD in the US on September 15th. Links to the movie and information on me and my background as well as what I am doing going forward are on my website, http://www.themikedowd.com

I was just on Nick DiPaolo's podcast this afternoon and it should be up shortly. Check it out at http://www.riotcast.com

Also feel free to ask me questions on my twitter, TheMikeDowd

Thanks all, have a great night!

Michael Dowd Aug 10, 2015