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Nick Woodman (2015)

Nicholas "Nick" Woodman is an American businessman, the founder and CEO of GoPro.

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About the Nick Woodman Interview

Aloha, Reddit! I’m Nick Woodman.

In 2002, I had an idea for a 35mm waterproof wrist camera that would enable me to shoot photos of my friends while we surfed. My homemade prototype worked so well I decided to turn it into a business...and GoPro was born.

And today, thirteen years later (!), our purpose remains the same - to help people self-capture and share incredible footage of their favorite experiences. GoPro has become a global brand and a global movement thanks to the millions of people around the world who are capturing and sharing their lives with their GoPros. And as rad as this is, we're just getting started. With even more capable cameras, editing tools, VR capture solutions and flying machines on the way, GoPro is about to get even mucho mas rad.

Thanks for having me on Reddit for this AMA, let's have some fun with it! I'll start answering at 3pm (PST).

Hi5 - Nick

PS - we just launched our smallest and lightest camera ever, HERO4 Session. Check it out here and then you can grill me about it on the AMA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjGkVCAo8Fw

Proof: https://twitter.com/GoPro/status/621711304001089536
EDIT: I'm here and ready to take your questions! http://imgur.com/z0VSHLT

EDIT: Out of time for now, but it's been awesome. Thanks everyone for the questions and check out our community over at /r/GoPro!

Nick Woodman Jul 16, 2015