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Damon Gameau (2015)

Damon Gameau is an Australian television and film actor who has appeared in the Australian series Love My Way, the 2002 Australian film The Tracker, and in a small role in the US series How I Met Your Mother. He graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art with a degree in Performing Arts in 1999. He appeared in the 2009 feature film Balibo, in which he plays the part of Seven Network reporter Greg Shackleton. He starred as Scotsman Andy Maher in the Australian TV miniseries Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. Damon starred as Sonny in the Australian movie Thunderstruck, a tale of a group of friends and their devotion to AC/DC and in particular Bon Scott. He appeared in RTÉ's latest Irish drama, Raw, based in an exclusive Dublin restaurant. playing the head chef Geoff Mitchell from Season 1 - Season 5. Gameau portrayed a homosexual character and received great praise for his performance throughout his time on the series. He also starred in Spirited as Adrian Brixton alongside Claudia Karvan and Matt King.

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Damon Gameau Jul 31, 2015