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Roger Christian (2015)

Roger Christian is an English set decorator, production designer and feature film director. He won an Academy Award for his work on the original Star Wars and was Oscar-nominated for his work on Alien. Christian directed the second unit on both Return of the Jedi and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as well as other feature films including The Sender and Nostradamus. He is also known as the director of the 2000 film Battlefield Earth which is regarded to be one of the worst films ever made.

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About the Roger Christian Interview

I am Roger Christian, and after starting as a tea boy on Oliver! in 1968 I graduated to the art department on films such as Life of Brian, Alien, and of course Star Wars: A New Hope (for which I designed the lightsaber and created the interior of the Millennium Falcon, and won an Oscar). I was also second unit director on Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.

Back in 1980, George Lucas commissioned me to make a short film that would play in front of The Empire Strikes Back in certain cinemas around the UK and Australia. That short became Black Angel, which you can see here.

Now, I am turning Black Angel into a full length feature!

You can see it on our Indiegogo page here, where we have some absolutely amazing art from artists such as Martina Pilcerova (the Game of Thrones books) and Richard Anderson (of Guild Wars 2 and Batman: Arkham Knight).

So without further ado, ask me anything! Victoria is assisting me this evening.



reddit has been really kind to me.

When the short originally got rediscovered, and it went into the Glasgow Film Festival, it went through a BBC article, and then Esquire and then up on reddit. And i know that one of my original articles that I wrote for Shadowlot went straight to reddit - on science fiction corridors, and how influential they are.

So we're all fans - we all love cinema- and I know it's hard to be part of this world. So I thought IndieGoGo would do that.

And let me tell you - when I was young, I wanted to get in the film industry. That is all I wanted to do. MY father, who was very old-fashioned, said "You're going to be a doctor, an architect, or a priest. Take your pick."

So I got SO broke, trying to get in, SO many letters written - I couldn't connect to ANYBODY in the industry, I knew nobody where I came from - and so I sold an old Mini in the next town, because I had no money left.

And I hitched a lift back, because I couldn't even afford the bus fare. And the man who picked me up was an architect.

And we got to chatting, and then he said "Oh! I know one of my staff worked on CLEOPATRA, would you like me to connect you to him?" and I said "Oh, yes please!"

And that led to me having a job in the film industry, and the films I love - I became the tea boy for John Box, he was one of the best production designers in the world, they were called art directors - he did LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and DOCTOR ZHIVAGO - and he took me on and mentored me through.

So I know that, you know, we're offering some similar mentorships, all sorts of things - there's talent out there that never get any exposure.

So we're all cinema fans. Whether you're making films, or just watching them.

And I really appreciate all of the fans, and the questions and the interactions. And I think there's a hunger for what I'm trying to do now, which is make REAL film that is not so fast-cut that you can't enjoy it.

And reddit, I think you have more fans than anyone on the planet. So it's an honor for me really, to be here.

I hope to come back and answer more questions soon.

And in the meantime, if you want to come be a part of BLACK ANGEL, here's the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/black-angel/x/249469

Thank you, so much, for listening and being part of this.

Roger Christian Jun 06, 2015