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Peter Bogdanovich (2015)

Peter Bogdanovich is an American film historian, director, writer, actor, producer and critic. He was part of the wave of "New Hollywood" directors, which included William Friedkin, Brian De Palma, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Michael Cimino and Francis Ford Coppola. His most critically acclaimed film is The Last Picture Show.

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About the Peter Bogdanovich Interview

Hello, Peter Bogdanovich here to talk about my extensive history in Hollywood.

It's been an honor to support my old friend's legacy and finish this amazing piece of cinema history from one of the greatest directors of all time. We have 30 days left to make this happen.

You can learn more about the Indiegogo campaign to finish Orson Welles' last film The Other Side of the Wind here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/finish-orson-welles-last-film#/story

Victoria is assisting me via phone today. AMA.



Well, I'd just like to say thank you very much. I'm very touched by this response, and people talking about - obviously having some intimate knowledge of some my pictures.

It's very heartening, to me, and I really appreciate it very much.

I do not take it for granted.

And as far as Orson is concerned, he was a great influence on me, as he was on so many filmmakers. Probably more than any other director since D.W. Griffith.

And the tragic circumstances of The Other Side of the Wind which he was unable to finish - everybody who loves movies, new or old movies, should get behind this IndieGogo campaign and contribute. It wouldn't take much, and it can make a huge difference.


So thank you all for your interest, and attention, and long live Orson!

Peter Bogdanovich Jun 04, 2015