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Norman Finkelstein (2015)

Norman Gary Finkelstein is an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust, an interest motivated by the experiences of his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors. He is a graduate of Binghamton University and received his Ph.D in Political Science from Princeton University. He has held faculty positions at Brooklyn College, Rutgers University, Hunter College, New York University, and, most recently, DePaul University, where he was an assistant professor from 2001 to 2007. In 2007, after a highly publicized row between Finkelstein and a notable opponent of his, Alan Dershowitz, Finkelstein's tenure bid at DePaul was denied. Finkelstein was placed on administrative leave for the 2007–2008 academic year, and on September 5, 2007, he announced his resignation after coming to a settlement with the university on generally undisclosed terms. An official statement from DePaul strongly defended the decision to deny Finkelstein tenure, stated that outside influence played no role in the decision.

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About the Norman Finkelstein Interview

I am Norman Finkelstein, student of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and critic of Israeli policy. I spent the last two days reading through the lengthy U.N. Human Rights Council report on Operation Protective Edge. Ask me about the report, last year's fighting, or anything else related to the conflict.

My most recent book, Method and Madness, focuses on Operation Cast Lead (2008-9), Operation Pillar of Defense (2012), and Operation Protective Edge (2014).

It was a pleasure speaking to everyone on Reddit a few months ago.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/y4w2Hgs.jpg

Norman Finkelstein Jun 24, 2015