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Ksenia Solo (2015)

Ksenia Solo is a Latvian-Canadian actress, best known for portraying Tasha on Life Unexpected and Kenzi on Lost Girl.

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About the Ksenia Solo Interview

Hello all you lovely Reddit-ers!

Ksenia Solo here (no relation to Han Solo, unfortunate.... I know). You may know me from playing the thieving, street smart Kenzi on Syfy's Lost Girl, revolutionary socialite Peggy Shippen on AMC's TURN or Cosima's new love interest, Shay, on BBC America's Orphan Black.

I'm super excited about the TURN season finale tonight and happy we get to have this Reddit party beforehand to start things off! Make sure to tweet at me (@kseniasolo ) and my cast mates when we livetweet during tonight's episode.

I gotta admit I had no idea what this forum was until recently and now that I know, I find it really cool.

So.... I guess the concept is that I'm all yours for the next hour... Does that sound about right? 😄

I want to thank Victoria for guiding me and being my assistant today, it's always great to have a partner in crime.

So without further ado, let's get down to business! Thanks so much for joining me! And I hope you get a chance to catch the epic season finale of TURN tonight on the AMC!



Update: I want to thank each and every one of you for joining us for this reddit session today.

I am SO SORRY to everybody whose question we didn't get to answer. Unfortunately we couldn't get to them all. But I want to send you guys my love and a huge thank you for the endless support that you have shown me. I hope that you tune in tonight for the awesome season finale episode of TURN! And I will be live-tweeting on Twitter @KseniaSolo, so if you have any questions, please feel free to write to me!

Ksenia Solo Jun 08, 2015