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Bradley King (2015)

Bradley King was an American screenwriter and the wife of a director John Griffith Wray. She wrote scripts for 56 films.

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About the Bradley King Interview

Hey, I'm Bradley King. I grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and recently self-funded and directed my first feature film TIME LAPSE. You can check out the film here: http://www.timelapse-themovie.com/

I co-wrote it with writer / producer B.P. Cooper. And I directed it in 2013, and it went on to play in 75 film festivals around the world.

The story is about 3 roommates who discover their old scientist neighbor dead, and in his apartment is a camera that takes pictures of the future. They decide to use the camera for personal gain, until disturbing images start to appear.

I'm looking forward to any questions you have regarding the writing, production, film festival process and/or indie distribution world. AMA.



Thanks everyone for their fantastic questions! If you have any further queries regarding Time Lapse, feel free to tweet or PM. And thanks reddit for hosting!

Bradley King Jun 16, 2015