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Scott Turner (2015)

Eric Scott Turner is a retired American football cornerback and a Texas state representative for the 33rd District which includes all of Rockwall County. He is a Republican. As a football player, Turner played defensive back in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos between 1995 and 2004. Turner played college football at the University of Illinois, and graduated from Illinois with a degree in speech communications. Turner ran for the vacated office of California's 50th congressional district in the 2006 special election. The congressional seat was previously held by Duke Cunningham. Running as a Republican in the election on April 11, 2006, Turner received 1.43% of the vote, ranking eighth among the Republican candidates in that contest. Turner is challenging Joe Straus for role of Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. It will be the first recorded Speaker vote since 1976.

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About the Scott Turner Interview

Hi everybody, I'm Scott Turner Schofield, and I went to college to learn how to be an actor. Because I am transgender, I was held back from learning how to act in a lot of roles, because they were traditional men & women's roles, so a mentor said "Don't wait for anyone to give you a role, just write your own." So I ended up writing 3 one-man shows about being transgender that have toured around the world for more than a decade.

The Bold & The Beautiful decided they wanted to take on the transgender story, a transgender theme, and they did something that most producers have never done - they invited a transgender actor to play a transgender role. They went to GLAAD to find out what transgender actors were out there, and my name was on a list, and I auditioned with a group of other transgender actors, and was invited to join the cast - all because I am transgender, not despite. That's what's so exciting about this moment for me. That I get to be all I am, instead of having to hide a part of myself.

My one-man show "Becoming A Man In 127 EASY Steps" will be at the Founders MCC Theater in Los Angeles on May 29 & 30th - link. And my fiancé and I just released a web series, called "Ze Said She Said" out now.

I'm very excited to play the character of Nick on the show. I encourage people to watch full episodes of the show on CBS.com - I won't be discussing any spoilers about The Bold & The Beautiful, but I'm happy to answer the rest of your questions.

Victoria's assisting me today. AMA.


Edit: I'm just so impressed by the caliber of the questions here, so I just want to thank everybody for being so thoughtful, and having a real conversation with me. This has been a great experience for me, so thank you. I'm on pretty much all of the social networks, so please do follow me, and if you have further questions, I'm always excited to talk about this stuff, so do reach out. And please watch & share my video with Jessica - we hope that's going to do some world changing itself!

Scott Turner May 15, 2015