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Keith Baker (2015)

Keith Baker is a game designer and fantasy novel author.

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About the Keith Baker Interview

My short bio: My name is Keith Baker. I've been designing games professionally for over twenty years. I'm best known for creating the D&D setting of Eberron and the card game Gloom, but I've also done world and system design for MMORPGs and other computer games, developed LARPs, written two novel trilogies, and scripted a single issue of a comic. My current project is Phoenix: Dawn Command, a story-driven RPG that uses cards to resolve actions. Phoenix is up on Kickstarter for the next 44 hours:


UPDATE: I'M SIGNING OFF NOW - I've got to get back to managing the last 36 hours of the Phoenix campaign. Thanks to everyone who participated! If you have more questions, you can find me at @HellcowKeith on Twitter, find my personal site (which is the place to ask Eberron or Gloom questions) at Keith-Baker.com, or see my latest work at TwogetherStudios.com!

And here's my Proof: http://keith-baker.com/ask-me-anything-on-reddit/

Keith Baker May 04, 2015