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Helen Greiner (2015)

Helen Greiner is a co-founder of iRobot and currently CEO of CyPhyWorks. She is a Trustee of the Museum of Science; on the Computer Science Advisory Board of Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and a Director of the National Defense Industrial Association.

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About the Helen Greiner Interview

Hi Reddit!

My name is Helen Greiner and I frikkin’ love robots. I’m the former President and Co-Founder of iRobot — maker of the Roomba — and current president of CyPhy Works. I’ve been working on drone technology for over 4 years now, and love what I do.

Happy to answer your questions about anything and everything - from what current drones are capable of to what a "drone" technically is, the future of drone technology, or just geek out about flying robots.

Currently, my team and I are working on a drone that anyone can easily fly, right out of the box. Here’s the kickstarter for more info: (http://www.cyphyworks.com/LVL1). It’s the first drone to be invited to the White House! https://medium.com/@helengreiner/why-i-brought-lvl-1-my-new-drone-to-the-white-house-fedcd4d706f2

For proof, here’s me with our new drone, the LVL 1 https://twitter.com/helengreiner/status/603965074336677888


Helen Greiner May 28, 2015