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Cody Walker (2015)

Cody Walker is an American poet, essayist, and educator.

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About the Cody Walker Interview

Hi guys.

I'm Cody Walker.

Today (Saturday May 9th, starting at 2 PM EST) I'm leading a live gameathon in honor of my brother Paul Walker, called #Game4Paul. #Game4Paul will be streamed LIVE on through Twitch.tv/tiltify and will be featuring gameplay between members of the Furious7 family, as well as other celebrities and supporters of Paul's charity, Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW). ROWW is committed to providing critical help to those in crises and focuses on the medical, humanitarian aid, and recovery fields both domestically and internationally.

You can check out the livestream in just a few hours here: http://www.tiltify.com/events/game4paul

In the meantime, I'm hoping to answer as many of your questions today as possible. Victoria's helping me out since I'm driving to the event. AMA.

Proof from earlier today: http://imgur.com/8OJ8HUZ

Update: Well, thank you so much for jumping on and participating.

It really means a lot to me, and it really helps me do my job, and this is my job - to create awareness for ROWW.

By you being here - it means that Paul's legacy of giving back is continuing.

And please tune in - we're gonna be starting here shortly - and I look forward to having you guys participate in the stream, through the chat, and enjoying the entertainment! http://www.tiltify.com/events/game4paul

Cody Walker May 09, 2015