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Vince Gilligan (2015)

George Vincent "Vince" Gilligan, Jr. is an American writer, producer, and director. He is known for his television work, specifically being the creator, head writer and executive producer of Breaking Bad, co-creator of The Lone Gunmen, and a writer and producer for The X-Files. He has two upcoming series planned: Battle Creek, a police drama, and Better Call Saul, a Breaking Bad spin-off.

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About the Vince Gilligan Interview

Hey Redditors! For the next hour I’m answering as many of your questions as I can. Breaking Bad, the Better Call Saul first season finale -- nothing is off limits.

And before we begin, I’ve got one more surprise. To benefit theater arts through the Geffen Playhouse, I’m giving one lucky fan and a friend the chance to join me in Los Angeles and talk more over lunch.
Enter to win here: []

proof: http://imgur.com/mpSNu2J

Thanks for all the excellent questions, Redditors! I've had a great time, but I have to get back to the Better Call Saul writers' room. I look forward to hopefully meeting one of you in Los Angeles!

Here's that link again:

Vince Gilligan Apr 30, 2015