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RealGiorgioTsoukalos (2015)

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About the RealGiorgioTsoukalos Interview

Hello everybody.

You might know me from my work on the show ANCIENT ALIENS, or from various memes online.

I am also the founder of Legendary Times Books.

I am very excited to share that an all-new episode of ANCIENT ALIENS will be airing on HISTORY tonight at 9/8c, and you can catch up online, on the HISTORY app, or On Demand here: http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens

Victoria is assisting me via phone. AMA.

proof: http://imgur.com/kDUVcdL

Update: I think this was a tremendous experience. And I thank everyone for all the questions. And I am sorry that I was unable to answer all of them. But I feel your virtual hugs very much! I also would like to give my thanks to Prometheus Entertainment, and the HISTORY channel, for this incredible opportunity that was given to me and my colleagues to share our information with such a wide audience.

And again, to say something I've already said before, I do have the best fans in the world. And that is something that I could not have asked for anything better.

And please watch the show, Friday nights on HISTORY - and looking forward to you guys tuning in! And maybe we can do this again.

RealGiorgioTsoukalos Apr 17, 2015