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Kevin Parker (2015)

Kevin Richard Parker is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic rock musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the leader of the band Tame Impala, for which he writes and records the majority of the music.

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About the Kevin Parker Interview

Hey, I'm Kevin Parker. Pretty excited to be doing this! (have been wanting to for a long time).

I record music under the name Tame Impala. When you add 4 of my friends we're a band that tours the world together.
I've made 3 albums, 1 yet to be released. Ummmm not sure what else to add. We've won some WAMIs, some ARIAs and got nominated for a grammy, whatever that counts for. Once Danny de Vito watched us from side of stage.

I am painting my wall pink, check it out:

Here is proof it is me https://www.facebook.com/tameimpala/posts/10152896471795777

And photographic proof http://imgur.com/TNtMSt4

I want to tell you all about the new album, but I don't want to spoil it!!!! So ask whatever you like but I'm going to have to restrain myself.

Ask me anything, nothing is taboo, or too dumb or too intellectual.

I'll try and get through as much as I can, sorry if I take ages to type answers, I type with like, 2 and a half fingers.

OK hit me!


Well I have to go now....Thanks so much for being here and making me feel important. I have to go and do some interviews that will almost certainly not be as fun as this. I wish all press could be AMAs! Alas this is not the case.
A man can dream though..... A man can dream.

Kevin Parker Apr 30, 2015