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Dan Buettner (2015)

Dan Buettner is an American explorer, educator, author and public speaker. He also co-produced a documentary and holds three world records for endurance bicycling. He is the founder of the online Quest Network, Inc., which provides opportunities for students to interactively engage with explorers on expedition. In February 2007, an expedition led by Buettner to Nicoya, Costa Rica uncovered the longest-lived people known in the Western Hemisphere.

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About the Dan Buettner Interview

Hello, I'm Dan Buettner, and I spent the last 10 years exploring parts of the world where people live the longest along with National Geographic.

I condensed those findings into my book, THE BLUE ZONE SOLUTION, so that getting healthier and living to be 100 can be easier than ever.

You can learn more about the book here: http://www.bluezones.com/blue-zones-solution-2/

I am bringing BLUE ZONES wisdom to 23 cities in America. And you can learn more about that project here: http://www.bluezones.com/about-blue-zones/

Victoria's helping me get started.



Thank you for all the questions and comments! I gotta run but if you think of anymore questions feel free to tweet them at me @bluezones.
Live Large- Dan

Dan Buettner Apr 07, 2015