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John Dunsworth (2015)

John Dunsworth is a Canadian actor known for playing the frequently drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey on the hit TV show Trailer Park Boys. He has also appeared in Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion, a CBC film about the 1917 Halifax Explosion. Dunsworth also has extensive experience in regional theatre.

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About the John Dunsworth Interview

Well, I'm a lucky shitapple.

I'm in another series right now, called "Forgive Me." It's coming to Super Channel. It's really fantastic.

And the new season of "Trailer Park Boys" is coming the 27th of this month - which is this Friday, yeah! To Netflix.

So Victoria's going to be helping me out via phone. I'm in Canada.

Ask me anything!

PROOF: https://www.facebook.com/theJohnDunsworth/posts/10153062101905935


Well, I answered 90 questions today on the Facebook. I don't need any more attention, because I try to answer everybody - I made a big mistake, starting to send out postcards to people who asked for autographs, and they started posting 'em, so I got HUNDREDS of requests, but I had to give it up, but i wanted to do it because on the bottom of the postcard it asked people to donate to Doctors Without Borders -and I thought it was worth it - but I was writing a novel up until 2 months ago, until i started doing that, and I haven't had any time to finish doing that!

But if you DO want to like me on Facebook, you can follow me at


I'm not very savvy aboot all these things.

You can go to the Los Angeles Book Review, and check oot the review on "The Dicshitnary." And if you like it, you can go to http://johndunsworth.com/ and order one.

We're trying to sell 5,000 copies of the book so we can have a Canadian best-seller.

It's insane, is what it is! And thanks to everybody who asked a question. And check oot Swearnet, and see "Jim Lahey and the Liquor Stories" - I think it's https://www.swearnet.com/

And mostly, I just want to say: use your imagination folks. You can change the world.

John Dunsworth Mar 24, 2015