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Eric Ries (2015)

Eric Ries is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author recognized for pioneering the lean startup movement, a new-business strategy which directs startup companies to allocate their resources as efficiently as possible. He is also a well-known blogger within the technology entrepreneur community.

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About the Eric Ries Interview

Hi Everyone,

This is Eric Ries. I’m an entrepreneur and the author of The Lean Startup. I’m writing a new book — two actually. The first one is a field guide for implementing Lean Startup principles called The Leader’s Guide, and it's available only through a Kickstarter campaign (21 days to go!). The second (working title: The Startup Way) is an official follow up to The Lean Startup, and will be released in in 2017.

My campaign is also an experiment designed to see how I can collaborate with all of you as part of my research process for The Startup Way. I wanted my new book to be researched, written and published in a way that is consistent with the methodology I believe in--and Kickstarter provides a platform for an even deeper level of collaboration with my readers. I'm also supporting a community for backers after the campaign so that they can share their stories, lessons, and experiences with me and with each other.

I'm really excited about the collaborative aspect of the campaign, and look forward to get the conversation going here on reddit.

Victoria from reddit is helping me out today with getting started today. AMA!

Photo proof: http://imgur.com/pwtO4Gp


EDIT: Thanks everyone for the questions! Appreciate the thoughtful comments. This was a ton of fun and hope to do it again sometime.

Eric Ries Mar 25, 2015