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Eric Greitens (2015)

Eric Robert Greitens is a nonprofit leader, author, speaker and a United States Navy SEAL, who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a former Truman Scholar and Rhodes Scholar and the founder and former Chairman and CEO of The Mission Continues. TIME Magazine named Greitens to its 100 Most Influential People in the World in April 2013.

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About the Eric Greitens Interview

Hi, I'm Eric Greitens.

I was born and raised in Missouri. Did a lot of humanitarian work around the world in college and graduate school. Joined the Navy SEALS after completing my PhD, and live in Missouri now with my wife Sheena and my seven-month old son Joshua! And I'm really excited to be releasing my new book, RESILIENCE, today. This is a book about how you can build resilience in your life.

I drew from my experience doing humanitarian work, my experiences as a Navy SEAL, and my experiences with returning veterans to create practical lessons on how you can deal with pain to create wisdom, confront fear and build courage, and move through suffering to strength.

Every one of you can build resilience in your life. And I'm excited to talk with you about the book and to answer your questions while visiting reddit HQ in New York!


Update: Thank you! This has been a lot of fun. Heading to do some more interviews, but would love to come back and answer more questions. I appreciate everybody's thoughtful questions, and thank you for your support!

Eric Greitens Mar 10, 2015