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Deke Sharon (2015)

Deke Sharon is an actor and TV producer.

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About the Deke Sharon Interview

Hi, my name is Deke Sharon, and I'm an aca-holic.

I started singing before I was able to speak, actually - I would sing myself to sleep in bed, and then I sang in church choir and the San Francisco boy's chorus, and barbershop quarter, and anything and everything, and decided to make a career out of it.

And PITCH PERFECT was originally a nonfiction book about the college a cappella world, and there was a chapter in there about myself and how I started the college a cappella competition that the film is based off of. And currently, I'm excited to share that the Sing-Off Tour is on the road and playing to sold-out audiences, getting multiple standing ovations each night. You can learn more about the tour here: http://singofftour.com/

And my official site: http://www.dekesharon.com/

And you can follow me on

Victoria's helping me get started. AMA guys!


Deke Sharon Mar 25, 2015