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Michael Hirst (2015)

Michael Hirst is an English screenwriter and producer, best known for his films Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, as well as the Emmy Award-winning television series The Tudors.

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About the Michael Hirst Interview

I’m Michael Hirst, creator and writer of HISTORY’s scripted series Vikings. I am a historical story-teller; some of my other work is The Tudors and Elizabeth. I’m here to answer your questions before the Season 3 premiere on Feb. 19th. Victoria will be assisting me via phone.

Watch a special sneak peek of season 3 here and if you need to catch up on Season 2, you can do so here.



Update: Well, I would love to do this again. It is genuinely and always a privilege to talk to the people who are genuine fans - I felt that way when we did Comic-con - and most of the time I sit in my study, where i am now, being on my own, trying to write the show and these episodes, and so for me, it's absolutely joyful to connect with people who are enjoying what I am doing. And I thank everyone, I'm enormously grateful, and I know we have a lot of really keen, faithful fans of the show, and I thank you all.

Michael Hirst Feb 10, 2015