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Matt Nathanson (2015)

Matt Nathanson is an American singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock music. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic and electric guitar, and has played both solo and with a full band. His work includes the platinum-selling song "Come On Get Higher".

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About the Matt Nathanson Interview

My short bio:

i'm the guy who jokingly played "you shook me all night long" formally known as matt nathanson http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2vmcu5/guy_jokingly_plays_first_chords_of_you_shook_me/

i have 8 albums, some hits you might know, have toured the world and have had an amazing time doing this for almost 20 years. i spent my last video budget flying to peru to support the starkey hearing foundation and made a video for a song called "headphones" while we were there. proceeds go to help people, well, hear. check the video, support starkey and ask away.


PS - that's my friend andrew mcmahon in the back anxiously awaiting everyone to stop singing AC/DC so he can get a turn

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/rth6UxN.jpg

EDIT: WHOA, this ruled you guys! i had no idea it was going to be this awesome, let's do this again soon. i'll let you know when, but for now i have to run to sound check!

Matt Nathanson Feb 12, 2015