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Irvine Welsh (2015)

Irvine Welsh is a Scottish novelist, playwright and short story writer. He is recognised for his novel Trainspotting, which was later made into a critically acclaimed film of the same name. His work is characterised by a raw Scots dialect, and brutal depiction of Edinburgh life. He has also written plays and screenplays, and directed several short films.

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About the Irvine Welsh Interview

My short bio: Irvine Welsh here to talk about anything from writing, to the Miami gym scene, to EDM. Oh, and my new book, THE SEX LIVES OF SIAMESE TWINS. Learn more here: http://knopfdoubleday.com/book/237742/the-sex-lives-of-siamese-twins/

My Proof: https://twitter.com/IrvineWelsh/status/563793012472680448

EDIT: Thanks so much for joining, you are all top shaggers who deserve to get spectacularly laid tonight. I'm sorry I could only answer the tip of the iceberg, but did them in order, and apos to those I didn't get to. Big love x

Irvine Welsh Feb 09, 2015