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Frank Spotnitz (2015)

Frank Spotnitz is an American television writer and producer, best known for his work on The X-Files television series.

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About the Frank Spotnitz Interview

Hi everyone, Frank Spotnitz here.

I've worked on series ranging from The X-Files to Millennium to Hunted -
and most recently, I'm the writer and EP of The Man in the High Castle for Amazon.

Produced by Ridley Scott, The Man in the High Castle is based on Philip K. Dick's award-winning novel which explores what would happen if the Allied Powers had lost WWII and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. You can check out the pilot on Amazon here.

To give you an idea of the show, here are some small excerpts:

I'm in Europe, and Victoria's assisting me via Skype today. Go ahead and AMA!


Update: Well, once again, I am honored by the fans of the shows that I've worked on, and how smart and gracious they are, so thank you everybody for your great questions, and your interest, and I hope we get to do this again sometime!

Frank Spotnitz Feb 13, 2015