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Eric Whitacre (2015)

Eric Whitacre is a Grammy-winning American composer and conductor, known for his choral, orchestral and wind ensemble music. He is also known for his "Virtual Choir" projects, bringing individual voices from around the globe together into an online choir.

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About the Eric Whitacre Interview

Hey gang, taking a break from writing Deep Field, my new work for chorus, orchestra and electronics. Happy to have your company.

EDIT: OK gang, been going for three and a half hours. Going to take a break and go back to composing for a bit. I'll answer more questions tonight and tomorrow. Man I love Reddit. THANK YOU.

EDIT 2: All right, answered another 100 questions. I'll keep going tomorrow. I'm humbled by your questions, even the ones about my hair.

BTW, for those of you genuinely interested in how I style my hair, [here's the secret.] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FnAV1XbfKE)

Eric Whitacre Feb 15, 2015