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David Rothkopf (2015)

David J. Rothkopf is CEO and Editor of The FP Group. The FP Group publishes Foreign Policy magazine, ForeignPolicy.com, presents FP Events, and is a division of Graham Holdings Company. Rothkopf was first announced as CEO and Editor-at-Large in 2012, when Foreign Policy was owned by the Washington Post Company. He has been a regular contributor to the magazine for many years and continues to write columns in his role as editor. He is also President and CEO of Garten Rothkopf, an international advisory firm specializing in transformational global trends, notably those associated with energy, security, and emerging markets. He is the author of numerous internationally acclaimed books, including "Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government-and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead,"; "Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making,"; and "Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power,". His next book, “National Insecurity: Making U.S. Foreign Policy in an Age of Fear” will be published in the fall of 2014. See: Publications

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About the David Rothkopf Interview

Hello, I am David Rothkopf. I’m the CEO and Editor of the FP Group, ForeignPolicy.com and Foreign Policy magazine. I am also the CEO of the Garten Rothkopf Group and the author of multiple books, most recently National Insecurity http://www.amazon.com/National-Insecurity-American-Leadership-Fear/dp/1610393406

FP recently redesigned the print magazine and has expanded its news reporting team. My most recent column looked at President Obama’s National Security Strategy: http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/02/06/rice-pudding/

Ask me anything.

EDIT: Signing off now, I've enjoyed this very much. Would love to do it again sometime. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out via our social networks. Hope you'll keep reading FP!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/TheFPGroup/status/564803876126490624

David Rothkopf Feb 09, 2015