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Jon Snow (2015)

Jon Snow is an English journalist and presenter, currently employed by ITN. He is best known as the longest-running presenter of Channel 4 News. Snow has held numerous honorary appointments, including as Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University from 2001 to 2008.

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About the Jon Snow Interview

Hi, I’m Jon Snow, lead anchor of the UK’s Channel 4 News since 1989.

I have reported the fall of Idi Amin in Uganda; the Revolution in Iran; the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the release of Nelson Mandela; the earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti; the 9/11 terror attacks; and the elections of Thatcher, Blair, Obama, and Hassan Rouhani's victory in 2013. More recently I’ve reported from the Gaza conflict, from Bangladesh on climate change and from the scene of the Paris attacks.

The story of the year has, of course, been the migration crisis — please do try our amazing interactive video story Two Billion Miles, and step into the shoes of a refugee or migrant making an extraordinary journey. There are eight endings and 21 countries to travel through.

In February I had two huge balloons of powerful 'skunk' cannabis as part of a medical trial, and I've quizzed David Cameron on Saudi arms deals, Mark Regev on IDF attacks, John Kerry on the refugee crisis and Russell Brand on addiction.

So, now it's your turn to ask me anything! I'll be answering questions from 3.30pm GMT / 10.30am EST. Felix and Harry from our online desk will be helping me reddit today.


Proof: https://twitter.com/Channel4News/status/674969357710176256

Edit 5:00 PM GMT: Thanks for all your wonderful questions! I must leave it there and get back to work on tonight's programme — see you at 7pm, on 4. Find me on Twitter!

Jon Snow Dec 10, 2015