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Simran Sethi (2015)

Simran Preeti Sethi is an Indian American journalist.

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About the Simran Sethi Interview

Thank you guys SO much for all of these incredible questions. I am so grateful you took the time. Please find me at simransethi.com or on social media at @simransethi anytime. Let's save foods by eating them! xo

My short bio: I am an author and activist who is interested (some would say obsessed) in the stories and histories behind bread, wine, coffee, chocolate and beer. I have spent the last five years on six continents, trying to learn more about the deep origins of foods and drinks, living in no one place for longer than five months. I write about it in my new book (Bread, Wine Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love) but would love to share what I've learned here because it's fantastically interesting. Ask me anything.

My proof: https://twitter.com/simransethi/status/663880360531488768

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Simran Sethi Nov 12, 2015