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James Renner (2015)

James Renner is an American investigative reporter and film producer. He is from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a former writer for the Cleveland Scene and editor of the alternative newspaper, The Independent. He was also a founding member of Last Call Cleveland. He is a graduate of Kent State University.

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About the James Renner Interview

Hi Reddit!

James Renner, here.

My new novel, The Great Forgetting, is available everywhere books are sold, today. It's about a history teacher from Ohio who gets pulled into a trippy adventure to save the world. The question the book proposes is this: what if our history books are wrong? What if history as we know it is a lie? I grew up with the X-Files and this was my chance to play in that sandbox. If you like conspiracies, this one has them all: fluoride, chemtrails, HAARP, phantom time, 9/11, and that missing airliner, too.

I also wrote the mystery/scifi thriller The Man from Primrose Lane, which was optioned by Warner Bros for Bradley Cooper but is now being developed as a television series. More on that soon, hopefully.

You may also know me for my work as a true crime journalist. Last month, CNN profiled my work using social media to shed light on cold cases. At the moment, I'm investigating the strange disappearance of UMass nursing student, Maura Murray for a book titled TRUE CRIME ADDICT, which comes out in May.

Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? Ask me your questions about the dirty side of writing, publishing, and publicity. I'll tell you no lies.

I'll come back at noon EST to answer all your questions! THANKS EVERYONE! I'm out. Feel free to pm me your thoughts on The Great Forgetting. Hope you enjoy the adventure!

Proofy Sauce

James Renner Nov 10, 2015