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Hedrick Smith (2015)

Hedrick Smith was a reporter and editor for The New York Times, a producer/correspondent for the PBS show Frontline, and author of several books.

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About the Hedrick Smith Interview

I've been lucky enough to be a reporter at some of the most pivotal events in American history over the last 50 years - covering Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights of the 1960s; covering the Vietnam War in Saigon and the Mekong Delta; covering the Cold War from the inside, in Moscow and Washington; covering 6 presidential administrations; and now covering the yawning economic and political divide that is the hallmark of today's America.

And now, having traveled to 20 states over the past three years, I have a keen sense of how angry and how frustrated Americans are at our polarized, gridlocked political system.

I've tried to capture the narrative of how we ended up in this morass in my current book, "Who Stole The American Dream," and in my TEDx Talk. Many people feel hopeless. But I'm encouraged that reforms are being won in many states by grassroots civic action on multiple issues. But this positive story is not being well-told by the mainstream media. So I've reported on these stories and put them on a new informational website, ReclaimTheAmericanDream.org. I believe that if more Americans could see the successes in neighboring states, more people would take action in their own communities.

Proof: https://twitter.com/HedrickSmith1/status/669195298032496641

UPDATE: 11/24/15 2:34pm EST Thanks, everyone, for your interesting questions. That's all for now, but I'll be checking in over the next few days. This was my first Reddit experience. I look forward to many more interactions with the Reddit community in the near future.

Hedrick Smith Nov 24, 2015