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Amber Nash (2015)

Amber Nash is an American actress. She currently stars in the cartoon Archer as Pam Poovey, whom she describes as "a sturdy bisexual". She also starred in the cartoon Frisky Dingo. Amber also has extensive experience in theatrical performances. She is a co-founder of the The Doug Dank Project at Push Push Theatre; she is also part of the Catch 23. Amber Nash studied with Improv Olympic in Chicago. She has been doing theater for approximately 13 years in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is part of the Improv Ensemble at Dad's Garage Theater, where she is a performer, teacher, creator and director. She is also involved at The Laughing Matters, working as an improviser, actor and team builder.

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Hiya Reddit! Very excited to be back for another AMA. I hope some weirdo asks for a close-up picture of the inside of my bent arm again for his spank bank.

My new series just launched yesterday and I'm really excited to share it with you guys! It's got murder, sex and a weed smoking Bigfoot, you know something for everybody. So, I hope you get to check it out, I really do think it's the funniest thing (other than Archer of course) that I've ever done. Here is a direct link to the first episode for the lazies...


So, I'll be here for the next few hours. Feel free to ask me about me Archer, voice acting or any other wackadoo stuff you can think of. ADDED BONUS!! I'll be giving away a signed dolphin puppet and some other stuff I can rustle up to my favorite questions of the day, so choose your words wisely!
Starting at 11:00am EST

Proof: https://twitter.com/ambercnash/status/645652065675571204

EDIT: Hey Guys! Gonna take a break for lunch and I'll be back around 2:00 so keep those questions comin! I might even do some video responses, so pick some good ones.

A few more things about Hart of America...First thing to know, I play 4 characters in this thing. That old narrator man? Me. Cop? Me. Weird Hippie? Me. Grandma? Me too!
The other thing to know is that this is a narrative series so you kinda have to watch everything so it makes sense, but man oh man, episode 7 is epic and I'd love to hear what you think of it.

EDIT** I'm back! Just had to take a quick break to eat some lunch, make my bed and watch The Chew. I really am an old lady!

EDIT***HIYA! I'm gonna sign off for a bit. I'll be back this evening to answer a handful more, you guys are the best! Thanks for making this such a fun day.

EDIT****Just here to answer a few more before I call it a night!

EDIT OK guys, I'm outta here, thanks again so much! Please check out Hart of America. xoxo Amber

Amber Nash Nov 03, 2015