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Linda Nagata (2015)

Linda Nagata is a Hawaii-based American author of speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. Her novella, Goddesses, was the first online publication to win the Nebula Award. She frequently writes in the Nanopunk genre, which features nanotechnology and the integration of advanced computing with the human brain.

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About the Linda Nagata Interview

I'm Linda Nagata, author of The Red: First Light, a near-future military sci-fi thriller that deals with artificial intelligence, use of technology in warfare, and asks questions about how far a soldier's duty goes.

I self-published The Red back in 2013 and, to my surprise, it was nominated for the Nebula Award for best novel. It turned out to be the first self-published novel to receive that honor. It was also nominated for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. That helped it catch the attention of traditional publishers, and it was picked up for republication, along with two sequels. The entire trilogy is being released this year, with the last novel, Going Dark, out on November 3rd.

I've written a lot of science fiction over the years, so if anyone is familiar with my older work (a Nebula and a Locus award in there), I'm happy to talk about that, too.

Outside of writing, I like to keep up with science and technology news, though that should really be a full-time occupation! I’ve done some memorable hikes over the years, I’ve worked as a PHP programmer in a tiny web development company, and I’m into fitness, mostly weight-lifting and running. You know how it is...prep work for the inevitable apocalypse. ;-)

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I appreciated the questions and I hope I get to do this again sometime. In the meantime, stop by Twitter and say hello. I'm @LindaNagata

Proof: Notice posted at my website -- http://www.mythicisland.com/

Linda Nagata Oct 20, 2015